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“Every angel is terrifying.” 

― Rainer Maria Rilke

Angels are relatively benevolent spirits residing in the Upper Plane of Heaven. Angels were among the first beings created by God at the dawn of the universe. Angels today are the remainder of those who sided with the archangel Michael in the Dawn War against Lucifer and his host. Some angels today are human spirits who have chosen to serve the greater good and transformed into a new, angelic form called Cherubim.

Angels ostensibly serve God and carry out His will, serving as warriors, messengers and attendants. They are imbued with considerable power and are among the most powerful entities in the world of Shadowfell, generally outclassing all demons, monsters, ghosts and other supernatural creatures, though of course there are exceptions; a few beings are as powerful or more powerful than angels.

Those that were created before the World was finished being formed are among the oldest beings in Creation and are known as the "Eldest of God's Children" by some. Of all of the beings to reside in the Upper Planes, angels are the most powerful. Even the lowliest angel can call upon the power of Heaven to smile evil and summon other celestial beings to assist them in times of need.

History Edit

In the time before Time, when the universe was still hot and young, God created the seven Archangels: Michael the Just; Lucifer the Patient; Gabriel the Dedicated; Raphael the Wise; Uriel the Faithful; Haniel the Merciful and Barachiel the Joyful. Each was given a Sword that was imbued with power over a specific element: Michael was given the Fire, Lucifer Ice, Gabriel given Lightning, Raphel received Earth, Uriel was given Winds, Haniel gifted Storms and Barachiel given Water. God then created the Seraphim, and each was sorted into a Choir, led by the Archangels. They joined into a joyous, beautiful song.

It was after this that God created humans and said that they were His greatest work and so told the Host of Heaven to bow before them and love them more than Him. While most did, Lucifer would not kneel. He pleaded with God and told him that humans were flawed, murderous, corruptible. He convinced a third of the angels in Heaven of his lies and that he, Lucifer, were wiser and better fit to rule Heaven than God. But Michael refused this and gathered with him those who remained loyal to God. Although Haniel and Gabriel attempted to talk Lucifer and Michael down, Lucifer declared war on Heaven and Michael graciously obliged. Thus began the rebellion known as The Dawn War that cost the lives of one-third the entire Host. This ended in Lucifer's defeat. He and the other dissenters were cast out of Heaven by God to the lower plane of Hell, where they would eventually become Demons.

Sometime after God came into being, He spoke and creation began. The resulting energy created the Planar Cosmology, and with them were created the keepers of those Planes. Heaven, located in the Upper Planes, was the abode of the angels, beings God chose as His messengers and attendants. The first seven angels were known as Archangels -- Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael, Haniel, Uriel and Barachiel, each of whom was chosen to lead one of the Seven Choirs.

In the wake of this, God left Heaven, leaving Haniel to guard the Garden of Eden; the perfect home created for humankind. Before long, Lucifer sent the demon Apophis into the Garden disguised as a snake. Apophis tricked Eve into eating the Forbidden Fruit. For this transgression, Haniel was ordered by Michael to destroy Adam and Eve, but Haniel refused. Haniel gave them his Sword and allowed them to flee into the wilds. For this transgression, Haniel was exiled and cut off from Heaven.

Since then, angels have worked to fight against the demonic host and ensure that things remained how they were on Earth.

Characteristics Edit

As warriors of God, angels are extremely powerful beings in the world of Shadowfell. They are superhuman beings superior to mortals in both power and wisdom. Angels rarely travel to Earth and so most have a difficult time understanding human emotion.

Most angels are quiet and emotionless and do not possess the level of free will that humans do. Thus, a vital part of the Angelic existence is obedience. To disobey is a capital offense among Angelkind and often leads to exile. Haniel has compared angels to paintings: beautiful to behold, fascinating in their history but they are also cold, rigid and they don't smile, because they don't have a choice. It's just how they're made. However, it should be noted that this description isn't entirely accurate: Haniel has shown he is loyal to humanity, not to Heaven, and has largely "gone native" and Inarius, Rammiel and Castiel have not only rebelled and joined humanity's side in the Apocalypse. Castiel has shown anger and Gideon has sown pride. Michael showed clear signs of anger, pettiness and arrogant. In truth, angels are very much capable of emotion and flaws of character, rather the majority of them choose not to show or admit to having emotions, as they are considered the doorways to doubt and weakness.

Angels operate in a strict hierarchy, within a system known as a Choir. There are seven Choirs in all andeach is led by one of the Archangels. The two Choirs without Archangels--the Second and Sixth Choirs--are led by a Seraph appointed to the task by Michael, but they do not have the powers or authority of an Archangel, and cannot make big decisions without approval. Each angel is expected to carry out their tasks and follow orders without hesitation or doubt. Despite their strict code and rigid hierarchy, angels see themselves as family, referring to each other as brothers and sisters, and to God as their Father. Only the seven Archangels have ever actually seen God, though all Seraphs have heard His voice.

Due to their age, immense power and closeness to God, many angels look down upon humans and see them as inferior. Lucifer rebelled because God loved humans, a flawed and arrogant species, more than angels. Some angels continue to hold resentment to this many thousands of years later. Despite this, angels are bound by duty to protect Earth and guard the souls in Heaven. Feelings of resentment aren't universal, as some angels, such as Inarius, Castiel and Rammiel, are civil with humans and others, like Haniel, consider them better than angels because, despite their inherent flaws, a lot of them strive to do good.

Fallen Angels Edit

While it is very, very rare, it is possible for an Angel to become exiled from Heaven. Such angels are not sent to Hell--as that was punishment for those who rebelled--but are instead exiled to Earth for eternity. These are known as Fallen Angels. The most common cause for exile is disobedience, murder or some crime that hurts the Hosts of Heaven from fulfilling the Word of God. Others leave voluntarily, though this has only happened once or twice. They look no different from any other form of angel, though they have no wings and are largely cut off from their power. A Fallen Angel cannot use their blood to imbue a human with Celestial Blood. The longer they have been exiled, their power dwindles.

Appearance Edit

Angels have two forms: their spiritual form (or visage) and their human form. Their true spiritual forms or visages prove overwhelming to to most mortals; most mortals who view these forms go blind or die, though some special people can view their true visages without suffering any lasting effects. Even other supernaturals, such as demons, could look at their true form without suffering damage. These forms are evidently very large in size. This form is described as that of a glowing humanoid figure with glowing eyes, no mouths, ears or nose. Their hands have six fingers. They have feathered wings and light can often be seen above or behind their heads, which are referred to as a "halo" by humans. These halos are a sign of the angel's Grace.

These forms possess wings, the number depending on the rank of the angel. Cherubim possess two wings; Seraphim have four and Archangels possess six.

Angels in their human form tend to be beautiful and possess an otherworldly grace and poise. These forms are safe for humans to view and interact with. Angels cannot alter this form outside of temporary magic; their human form is constant. The exception are Cherubim; former human souls who have ascended to become minor angels. These angels lack physical bodies and appear as a brilliant, bluish luminous smoke and must possess a human vessel to exist on Earth for any length of time.

They appear human most of the time, though they can sometimes "flare" their true form when angered; this will cause their eyes to glow (blue for cherubim, white for seraphim and gold for archangels), a halo to appear of their head and a shadow of their wings to appear behind them. They also seem to grow several inches in such a state.

Regardless of how real it may seem and feel, this human form is, in reality, am elaborate illusion: angels are beings of pure celestial energy; they are spirit and flesh in one.

General Abilities Edit

As warriors of God and agents of fate, Angels are extremely powerful beings, possessing a wide range of abilities that vary depending on their class, their choir, etc.. Angels get their power from their Grace, their Wings and their connection to Heaven. All angels, regardless of rank, possess the following traits (note that a Fallen Angel loses certain powers, as marked by a *):

  • Angelic Possession: Similar to demons, angels can possess a human while on Earth. However, unlike demons, an angel must have permission before they can take control. An angel cannot possess a corpse, nor can they possess a non-human or supernatural species or a body that is already possessed. It's easier to possess a person in a heightened state of joy or peace. Once in a human body, the angel has access to its full suite of abilities and the body will continually heal itself and regenerate...until the angel leaves the vessel, at which point all damage that body has sustained will return, usually killing the victim. A Cherubim must possess a human to exist on the Material Plane, but Seraphim and Archangels do not, since they are capable of taking a human form. They can both still possess human bodies, however; a Seraphim's spirit appears to be a white/silver cloud while an archangel is a brilliant cloud of shimmering gold. Doing so leaves their bodies behind, however, so many don't take the chance.
  • Astral Projection: Angels can project portions of their true selves onto surfaces, giving humans a glimpse of their true selves that will not harm them, such as revealing glowing eyes or shadows of their wings upon a surface.
  • Archon Command: All angels possess command over archons (lesser entities originating in Heaven that serve Angels).
  • Bless: Angels can utter a word and make weapons consecrated. This will also turn water into Holy Water.
  • Domain Control: All angels have a connection to some sort of concept or domain over which they exercise some amount of control over that force on Earth. For example, Haniel is an angel of Mercy. Other domains include love, freedom, courage, et cetera.
  • Dream Walking: Angels can appear in people's dreams, usually using this ability to communicate when they can't find the person they're looking for, or if they want to talk privately.
  • Enochian Magic*: Through their connection to Heaven, angels are capable of utilizing certain kinds of enochian magic, allowing them to perform amazing feats of Divination, Transmutation and Conjuration.
  • Electronic Interference*: An angelic presence disrupts nearby electronics with their presence. Large numbers of them can bring storms. A Fallen Angel largely loses this capability, though using large amounts of magic can still have this side-effect.
  • Elemental Control*: Angels possess a degree of control over winds, fire, water/ice, electricity and the earth. If an angel's domain includes any elements, this control will be much more powerful. A Fallen Angel largely loses this ability, though they may still be have minor elemental control if it coincides with their domains. For example, Haniel is still able to conjure storms and unleash powerful bursts of electricity due to him being the angel of Storms.
  • Flight*: All angels are capable of flying. Fallen Angels lose this ability, even if they have their wings.
  • Healing: Angels can cause the wounds, diseases and toxins of another being to heal instantly. The higher the class of angel, the more potent this healing becomes.
  • Immortality: Angels do not age and cannot be killed by diseases or Earthly weapons.
  • Invulnerability*: Angels cannot be harmed by earthly weapons (though they can be harmed and even killed. See Weaknesses, below). A Fallen Angel, while still superhumanly durable, is far more vulnerable to injury and magic.
  • Mending: Angels can clean or repair a broken object by pointing to it or snapping their fingers.
  • Protective Wards*: Angels can protect individuals from most forms of physical damage. This degree of protection is linked to an angel's class. Fallen Angels possess a very minor version of this ability.
  • Regeneration: If an angel or their vessel is damaged, it will repair itself nearly instantly unless the wound was caused by something that is capable of killing an angel. Fallen Angels tend to regenerate slower than other angels.
  • Resurrection*: Angels can bring the dead back to life. However, they must know where all the pieces of the original body are and they must have the soul of the subject. If a soul has gone to Hell, the Angel must physically retrieve the soul somehow, though if the soul is in Heaven, they do not need to physically possess it. Do to this limitation, a Cherubim can only resurrect a human within one hour of its death, before the soul can be "sorted". A Fallen Angel loses access to this ability entirely.
  • Sedation: Angels are able to render humans unconscious with a touch and uttering "peace be with you".
  • Smiting: The angel's most versatile and terrifying weapon, smiting allows the angel to kill almost anything with a touch. Smiting requires the angel to place their hands on the target's head, forehead or mouth. Cherubim can smite most monsters, humans and Lesser Demons. Some Cherubim can smite a Greater Demon, if that demon has been weakened considerably. A Fallen Angel's smite is considerably less powerful than before, but is still a considerable weapon.
  • Superhuman Strength*: Angels use their grace to dramatically increase their strength, allowing them to become far stronger than a human their age and size should be. Strength varies from angel to angel, depending on class; a Cherubim with a human vessel are still considerably powerful while an Archangel at full power can throw a truck. A Fallen Angel is still quite strong, but not as much as an angel with a connection to Heaven.
  • Supernatural Senses: All angels have senses that are enhanced beyond human levels; their sense of smell is heightened to the point where they can identify a human by smell alone. They can see ions and atoms which are impossible for humans to see, and possess hearing even stronger than a werewolf or vampire. They also possess the ability to sense the direction of any human whose name they know, although enochian sigils can block this sight. They can also see all supernatural activity around them, even ghosts and other invisible creatures. Their perception allows them to see shapeshifters for "what they truly are".
  • Telekinesis: Angels are able to telekinetically move beings and objects with their mind.
  • Telepathy: Angels can read the minds of humans and other mortal beings, as well as other angels if they have permission from the angel in question. Angels do not seem to be able to read the minds of vampires or other undead.
  • Teleportation*: Angels are capable of teleporting virtually anywhere on Earth, though the range and how many people they can take with them varies depending on class. Fallen Angels can only teleport to spots they can see within a few miles, and they can bring one or two people with them at most. Doing this is exhausting.
  • Tongues: Angels can speak and understand all human languages. All humans are them perceive the angel as speaking their native tongue.
  • Voice Mimicry*: Angels can perfectly mimic the voices of mortals. Fallen Angels, for whatever reason, lose this ability.

Special Abilities Edit

Seraphim Edit

Seraphim possess all of the general angelic abilities as listed above, in addition to the following:

  • Angelic Possession: As above, but a Seraphim is capable of possessing certain non-human species, as long as that creature was once human; they can possess werewolves, for example, but not fairies.
  • Archon Summoning*: Seraphim are capable of summoning angels to their side.
  • Biokinesis*: Seraphim can inflict diseases or other conditions on humans, such as making them blind with a touch. A Fallen Angel's mastery of this ability is extremely limited, if they have access to it at all.
  • Bless: Seraphs can turn water into Consecrated Water and can bless small groups at a time.
  • Heavenly Fire*: Some seraphim can unleash a highly concentrated blast of white fire from their palms to destroy a target. The level of destruction can be controlled. Fallen Angels can only generate this fire a few times per day.
  • Hypnotism: Functions similarly to a vampire's compulsion ability, though the angel must touch the intended target.
  • Memory Manipulation*: These angels can erase, restore, alter and fabricate memories in the minds of humans. Fallen Angels lose this ability.
  • Smiting: A seraphim possesses smiting as described above, though they are capable of smiting more monsters and Greater Demons. They cannot smite Archdukes, however, nor can they smite a Deity, ancient dragons or certain Arch Fey (such as Queen Mab).
  • Soul Reading: The ability read the relative condition of a human's soul.

Solar/Archangels Edit

An archangel has ALL of the abilities listed above, as well as the following:

  • Angelic Summoning*: Archangels can summon even other angels to their side with a word.
  • Chronokinesis*: Using the power of heaven, angels can travel through time or send others through time. They can also slow time to a standstill in a small area.
  • Cosmic Awareness: All archangels have a superhuman knowledge of the universe, in addition to the ability to sense creatures who do not belong, such as time travelers.
  • Domain Mastery: Archangels have absolute, deity-like control of their given domains.
  • Environmental Warping*: An archangel's presence has a dramatic effect of their immediate environment on Earth, which varies depending on the archangel. Michael tends to bring hot temperatures and brightens sunlight, while Barachiel brings powerful winds in his wake. A fallen Archangel largely loses this ability.
  • Grant Timelessness*: An Archangel can speak a Word of Repose, granting a mortal human an extended lifespan.
  • Molecular Combustion*: Archangels are able to render beings, including lower angels, down to their component molecules, causing them to explode.
  • Plagues*: An archangel can bring down full-fledged plagues on human populations.
  • Planar Shifting*: Archangels can travel between Heaven and Earth instantly, unlike other Angels. They can take others with them if they choose. They can also presumably travel to other planes, as well, with a little effort.
  • Reality Warping*:
  • Shapeshifting*: Archangels are capable of temporarily taking on a different shape. However, they are required to revert to their human form (or otherwise show their presence) by invoking their name.
  • Smiting*: An archangel can smite a foe from a distance, with a simple snap of their fingers. Archangels are capable of smiting almost anything, even a Dragon, an Archduke or a Deity. A Fallen Archangel must perform a Smite like other angels; by touching the head.

Weaknesses Edit

When at full power, angels are supremely powerful entities. However, with great power comes many means that can be used against angelic beings.

Harming, Misleading, Banishing and Trapping Edit

  • Angel Trap: A way to trap an angel that functions identically to a Devil's Trap.
  • Anti-Telepathy Sigil: By tattooing this sigil at the vase of the skull, on the back on the neck, not even an Archangel can read a human's mind.
  • Ark of the Covenant: This relic can be used to trap any angel's essence like a prison.
  • Banishment Sigil: This symbol, when drawn with human blood and utilized by placing one's bloody palm in the center, can banish any angel who witnesses the act back to Heaven, even an archangel.
  • Blessed Salt: Salt blessed by a certain ritual is capable of holding Cherubim at bay like salt can hinder a spirit.
  • Enochian Sigils: Certain enochian sigils are capable of preventing any type of angel from detecting or finding them. They can also be used to prevent angels from entering a building, to harm or weaken an angel and to prevent an angel from hearing anything within a warded area.
  • Exorcism Chant: This chant functions like an exorcism, forcing an angelic host from a vessel's body and back to Heaven.
  • Grace Removal: The removal of an angel's grace will severely weaken their ability and even cause them to lose access to certain power.
  • Hexbag: A hexbag can be used to prevent angels from detecting and finding someone.
  • Holy Fire: Encased in a circle of flames created from Holy Oil, an angel is trapped. The trapped angel cannot use their powers on any entity outside the circle. Touching the flame will kill the angel. Archangels are more resistant to this, though not immune; touching the fire will temporarily banish an archangel but will not kill them. Haniel, as a Fallen Archangel, would die if he touched Holy Fire.
  • Lucifer's Cage: The prison forged to hold Lucifer is capable of holding virtually anything placed within it.
  • Magic: While angels are highly resistant to magic, it can still affect them if the mage were powerful enough.
  • Staff of Elijah: This staff, also known as the Staff of Banishment, can be used to banish both all angels back to Heaven, suppressing their Planar Shift ability for up to 24 hours. If used against a Fallen Angel, it will instead kill them.
  • Staff of Moses: Can be used to nullify an angel's regeneration and, if the wielder is powerful enough, remove their powers entirely for a short time, effectively making them almost mortal. Does not affect Archangels.
  • Weapons of Heaven: Certain Weapons of Heaven can slow down, injure, trap of banish an angel.

Destroying Edit

  • Angelic Blades: An angel can be killed by making a killing blow with an angelic blade. All angels have access to these weapons. A regular angel blade cannot kill an Archangel.
    • Archangel Blade: The sword of an archangel is capable of killing almost literally anything, even an archangel.
    • Angel Blade Bullets: Bullets forged from melted-down angel blades are capable of killing angels. Forging such bullets is extremely difficult, requiring a Dwarven or Deific forge to do so.
  • Archdukes: Archdukes can kill an angel with their vile magics.
  • Death's Scythe: This weapon is capable of killing angels.
  • Deities: The pantheonic gods are capable of harming or killing angels. Weapons forged using Celestial Metal can harm an angel like an angel blade.
  • Demonic Black Hellfire: This light, created by Archdukes, is lethal to Cherubim and Seraphim but not Archangels.
  • Demon Blades: These blades are fatal to Seraphs if stabbed through their hearts. These are dark, twisted reflections of Angel Blades. These are not fatal to Archangels.
  • Desecrated Weapons: Humans and demons can wield Desecrated Weapons against Cherubim and Seraphim, and they can be used to kill them if wielded by an evil human or undead. Good humans cannot touch such weapons without being burned.
  • Obsidian: Weapons forged of obsidian can nullify their natural healing factor and disrupt their enochian magic. Not fatal but a good show-stopper. Most commonly turned into arrowheads.
  • Talisman of Pure Evil: This rare talisman can kill a lower-tier angel and trap Archangels.

Breeding Edit

Regardless of their rank, angels cannot breed with one another. While their human forms do possess reproductive organs, they cannot reproduce with other angels. Seraphim and Archangels can, however, reproduce with a human, resulting in a Nephilim or half-angel.

It is assumed God could create new angels, but no new seraphim have been created since the Beginning. This means almost all new angels are produced from the souls of humans that choose to become Cherubim.

Habitat Edit

Angels originate from the Upper Plane of Heaven. Paradise was the birthplace of all angels, and it is where they return when they are banished or destroyed. Angels can survive comfortably anywhere on the Material Plane and do not require protective clothing of any kind at any time.

Diet Edit

Angels don't need to eat or drink, even when in human form. They can do so if they choose, however, and when they do they tend to eat plainly and sparsely, taking only what they deem necessary. Angels don't indulge in alcohol or festivities of most kinds. However, a large exception to this rule of thumb are Fallen Angels or those who spend a great deal of time on Earth.

Classification Edit

Angels are classified by their type and their job:

Type Edit

  • Cherubim: The lowest class of angels who were once humans who chose to ascend in service to God and His will.
  • Seraphim: Angels made by God who have served in Heaven since Creation.
  • Archangels: The first seven angels, created by God to lead each of the Seven Choirs.

Role Edit

An angel's purpose is determined by their Choir, which also determines what job and role that angel is to fill.

  • Agathion: Angels assigned to Intelligence.
  • Cassian: The lowest class of angels, Cassian serve as messengers and couriers.
  • Cupid: They are responsible for manipulating affection in certain humans.
  • Grigori: The warrior caste of angels.
  • Guardian: A guardian angel is an angel who is assigned to watch over and protect certain mortals that Heaven considers of grave importance. It should be noted that not all humans have a guardian angel.
  • Justice: Also known as "Avenging Angels", these angels are tasked with dispensing justice. They are among the most feared angels in Heaven.
  • Monadic Deva: The Monadic Deva, also called Angels of Revelation, bring prophecy and glimpses of what is to be to humans known as "prophets". Each Angel of Revelation can only see certain pieces of the future and they deliver these pieces to a prophet, who often writes the prophecy down, though they are sometimes painted or filmed.
  • Movanic Deva: These angels are soldiers who guard the Gates of Heaven.
  • Planetar: The Planetar are the leaders of Celestial Armies.
  • Powers: Angels who watch over birth and death. These angels are in charge of "sorting" souls into Heaven or banishing them to Hell.
  • Rit Zien: The medics of Heaven, whose name means "Hands of Mercy" in Enochian. Their job is to heal the Hosts of Heaven and, if the injuries prove too severe, to provide a quick and painless death.
  • Solar: This is another name for Archangels; the leader of the Celestial Choirs.
  • Thrones: Judges and diplomats.
  • Virtues: Angels tasked with maintaining the natural world.

Notable Angels Edit

Name Angel Type Choir Status
Mini Barachiel
Archangel Seventh Choir Alive
Mini Bohlale
Cherubim Sixth Choir Alive
Mini Castiel
Seraphim Third Choir Alive
Mini Gabriel
Archangel Third Choir Alive
Mini Haniel
Archangel, Fallen Sixth Choir (formerly) Alive
Mini Inarius
Seraphim Sixth Choir Alive
Mini Lucifer
Archangel, Altered Second Choir (formerly) Alive (Imprisoned)
Mini Maltheal
Seraphim Fourth Choir Alive
Mini Michael
Archangel First Choir Alive
Mini Rammiel
Seraphim Sixth Choir Alive
Mini Raphael
Archangel Fourth Choir Alive
Mini Uriel
Archangel Fifth Choir Alive