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Charlotte Louise Palmer, better known as Charli to practically everybody, is a rowdy, boisterous werewolf with a larger than life personality. She's tough as nails, proud, bold, quick tempered and sarcastic; few mess with her and walk away without a scratch. Her free spirited-nature often gets her into trouble, but she just rolls with the punches. Charli comes across as aloof and chaotic, and while she certainly is those things, she's also compassionate, insecure and gentle with a habit of sticking up for the little guy; she can't stand down when she sees injustice. She's got a reputation as a hero around Shadowcrest Academy.

Charli is the daughter of Angela Palmer and Lysander McClaren, and the adopted daughter of Gordon Palmer and granddaughter of William Scrivener.

She is also a former Avatar of Gaia.

Characteristics Edit

Charli is a bold, charismatic, free-spirited, excitable girl with a knack for getting into trouble and getting on people's nerves. She loves to party, gamble, pull pranks and, most of all, making those around her smile. She's full of spunk and spirit with a quick wit, often making a joke in the worst circumstances; she's well known for her off-beat, often inappropriate sense of humor. She does have a serious side, but few have ever really seen it.

Always popular regardless of where she is and she's entertained her fair share of admirers and flings. She is rarely taken seriously and is often seen as the class clown (teachers dread having her in their class). She's been the butt of a few not-so-kind jokes, due to her eccentric personality and tangled romantic history, but she just lets it slide off her back; she couldn't care less what people think about her. She's always been of the philosophy that you should be who you are and let your freak flag fly. If people have a problem with that, they can blow it out their arse. While she isn't perfect--she has more than her fair share of insecure moments--she's usually quick to meet insults or mean-spirited teasing with a barrage of glib quips.

Charli seems to have learned her love of pranks and practical jokes from her brother Chris; the two used to pull minor tricks to scam free ice cream (and phone numbers) from cute clerk girls. Despite her cunning mind for pranks, she's quite gullible; until recently, Chris had convinced her of a series of increasingly outrageous claims about America, including the fact that both Independence Day and Armageddon were based off of true stories.

With an unbound spirit, fiercely independent nature and short attention span, Charli is extremely versatile; her mother was always signing her up for various classes and lessons to help her "burn off the extra energy". Among her myriad of talents, her greatest passions are acting, dancing (specifically contemporary and ballet), archery and camping.

More than anything, Charli's in love with having fun. Her whole world revolves around having fun and living life to the fullest and, as such, she's tremendously good at finding ways to entertain herself. A true punk at heart, this often involves something destructive.

Despite her notoriously short attention span, Charli is very well-read. She has always been extremely curious about the world around her, often reading old books about plants, birds, philosophy and music in her spare time. This propensity toward absorbing information seems to have transferred over to the world of the supernatural.

Almost in spite of her cleverness and potential, she is by no means a straight-A student. One could argue she's not much of a student at all: she rarely shows up to class, and almost never on time and even when she's there she barely pays attention. Don't count on her turning in homework, or at least, homework that isn't half the actual assignment and half random doodles and punk nonsense. A lot of this stems from her resentment for "the system" as a whole. "Polite society" is stifling, exhausting and really, really boring. School is no exception.

She would much rather learn about the world in her own way; by traveling, reading books about topics that interest her, experiencing the world with her own hands. Why read some shitty textbook about ecosystems when you can run out into the woods and witness it, experience it for yourself? Having lived by this philosophy her entire life, she isn't a model student but she is extremely bright and very knowledgeable in her areas of interest. She's also talented at puzzles and riddles. She can sometimes use this to her advantage in a fight in order to confuse her opponent.

Previous to her discovering her true nature as a werewolf and adventures at Shadowcrest, Charli's whole life was about having fun, living in the moment and doing whatever she felt like doing; if it sounded like fun and she felt like it, then she was down for it. Once it stopped being fun or started to feel like a chore, she was the first to bail. Even now, Charli has a habit of running from her problems instead of trying to fix them. This doesn't mix well with her growing responsibilities to the Clan.

Despite her generally chaotic nature, Charli has proven to be an extremely loyal person in a relationship, given the right person. While she maintained the facade of someone who didn't take romantic relationships seriously at all, she's actually a romantic at heart and, more than anything, wants a stable, loving, dependable relationship and believes strongly in the idea of soul mates. If only the universe would get the memo.

She's also got a pack mentality when it comes to her friends, and the friendships she's formed are very important to her, even more so since she triggered her lycanthropy. She wouldn't hesitate to smack a bitch for her friends and is similarly quick to cheer them up when they're down. She's a good listener and her friends have come to her to vent more than once. Charli is an extremely social person and her friends have become her pack in more than one way (see the Misfits).

Since triggering her lycanthropy, Charli has developed a few new quirks. Her temper is more volatile then it used to be and she's less reluctant to kick someone's ass when she's mad. In fact, she's usually the first person to throw a punch and the last to back down. As such, Charli tends to be a reckless and vicious combatant; she has been compared to a Pict warrior. This is a fair comparison; she's even been known to paint her face blue on occasion before a big fight.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a werewolf, Charli has all of the standard abilities of her kind.

  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics
  • Archery
  • Dancing
  • Deception
  • Gambling
  • Outdoor Survival

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As a werewolf, Charli also has all of the standard weaknesses of a werewolf.

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