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David Abraham Dixon, better known as Dave, is a courageous, reckless country boy and Hunter of supernatural creatures. He seems to get a thrill from the hunt, always willing to go up against creatures vastly more powerful than himself. He was a late addition to Erica's group but he quickly proved himself to be loyal and, beneath his exterior as a brazen, impulsive redneck, he to have a good and loyal heart.

Dave is an expert at hunting, tracking, navigation and observation. Due to his survival skills, he became a valued member of Erica's Army. He has developed close bonds with several of his "war buddies", most notably the vampire Alberto Bianchi, Beau Fontaine and Jonathan Bridges, Erica's step-father. His reckless aggression, which is what led him to joining the hunt to begin with, is unprecedented and it remains one of his most valuable assets, as well as one of his most noticeable.

Characteristics Edit

Dave is a strong man, both physically and emotionally. He's often volatile but still significantly more level-headed and rational than other members of the group. Though he's usually distant and more than a little boorish, he has often shown to be caring and selfless. All on his own, he volunteered to leave behind his life and help Erica stop her evil Lich father, which nearly cost him his life.

Dave has also proven to be an incredibly honest individual who rarely lies, a characteristic that ultimately won over Erica's trust, making his a respected and trusted member of the group. He is much more clever than he appears, if also impulsive, reckless and a bit erratic. Although he's not as tough as some of the supernatural creatures he fights beside, he's an experienced bruiser who fights with aggression and agility, able to more than hold his own in a fight with a spirit or monster.

Another useful skill Dave has is his keen sense of intuition, especially when it comes to meeting new people. He possesses an almost uncanny ability to tell who can be trusted and who cannot. A notable example was his willingness to accept Noah into the group, despite the latter being a clone of Clive Talbot. Noah had a hard time fitting in, with the major exceptions of Erica and Dave.

On very, very rare occasions, Dave shows his vulnerable side, particularly through crying. The best example of this was when he opened up to Erica while he thought he was dying from Dragon Fever and after finding out that Sam had died. These moments, however, are rare and don't define Dave as a person: he refuses to ever give in to despair and believes that as dark as the world can get, there's plenty of light left to fight for.

An experienced tracker and hunter, he has deadly accuracy with his crossbow, which has become his sort-of trademark weapon. He's also highly skilled with various firearms, knives and other melee weapons. On a hunt, he takes on a prominent role in safeguarding the members of his group. Although he has certain lone-wolf tendencies, he has gradually integrated himself into Erica's group, particularly through his friendship with Erica. By the time of The Final Battle, he was well-liked and respected by the entire group.

Training & Abilities Edit

  • Archery: His most famous skill, Dave is an extremely talented archer, especially with a crossbow. This developed over years bowhunting in the Arkansas mountains.
  • Athletic: Dave is well-built and engages in semi-regular exercise. He's strong and has considerable endurance.
  • Bladed Weapons: If you're a monster, don't let Dave get near you with any sort of knife.
  • Brawling: Dave's a scrappy brawler, able to hold his own in a fist fight through sheer strength, tenacity and aggression. He picked up most of what he knows about fighting while in prison.
  • Driving: Dave's an expert driver; he was probably the best driver out of everybody in the group.
  • Firearms: Having grown up in rural Texas, Dave's a pretty damn good shot with a firearm, considering there was little else to do out there. Since becoming a hunter, his skills have only improved.
  • Mechanics: Dave's an able hand at fixing machinery and vehicles.
  • Survival: Dave is an expert at wilderness survival.
  • Tracking: He's also able to follow even the barest of tracks or the most meager of trails.
  • Willpower: Dave never says did, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Weaknesses Edit

Dave possesses no supernatural weaknesses as a human. He is a chain-smoker, however and seems to require alcohol like normal humans require water. He is also a sucker for women. 

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Dave was born in Arlen, Texas, the second of three children to an oil rig roughneck and his wife, who worked a series of menial jobs to make ends-meet. Dave was raised in a humble life in the small town, but his short attention span and scrappy attitude got him into a lot of trouble. Always the black sheep of the Dixon family, he always had a volatile relationship with his father and he never got along with his older brother, who went into the Marines. Furthermore, he had a habit of getting into fights and has a history of trouble with authority figures. He was busted for a DUI when he was seventeen, which blew his chances at getting into the Marines.

Odd-Jobs and Drifting Edit

After he graduated high school, he tried working on the rig like his dad but was fired for drunk and disorderly conduct. This led to a falling out with his father, so Dave left town, moving to Clearwater, Arkansas with his then-girlfriend Kate, where they lived in a mobile home for several years. When he failed to commit, she left him for a local electrician, forcing him into a rat-hole apartment.

He worked a number of odd-jobs for the better part of a decade, as a fry cook, construction or road-work crew, roadie for a Little Rock-based rock band, bartender, a job at an auto garage and even as a busboy at a few local restaurants. Throughout this time, he was almost perpetually drunk and often got into fights that resulted in some minor jail time once or twice.

In August of 2014, he got a job at the local BP gas station by the freeway, the only place in town that would still hire him.

Mental - Season 3 Edit

In October of that year, on his day off, Dave was readying to go on a hot date with a waitress from a local diner when he was asked to fill in for another employee who had called in sick. He'd normally tell them to fuck-off but he was kind of desperate for money, so he bitterly cancelled his date and went in to work. During his shift, a group of people came in after barricading the doors with their car before pulling a gun and pronouncing that they were "saving their lives".

One of them (Alberto) explained that a vampire named Dante was coming, leading a force of vampires to kill them all and if they wanted to survive, they would do exactly as he said. His mind on survival, Dave decided to play along. He led a group of people into the break room, where they used broken chair legs, mop and broom handles to fashion wooden stakes to fight with. Dave whittled the end of his mop handle, creating a makeshift spear.

When the shit hit the fan, Dave was only one of three people in the gas station to stand their ground and fight alongside the weird group against Dante. With gunfire blaring all around them and blood being spilled, Dave tapped into a sort of zen-state. He personally killed a Krenshar and a number of vampires during the fight. He saw a warlock disable a young girl and make some pretty nasty threats. Dave, who hates guys like that (she's just a damn kid), Dave leaped at him and impaled him with his makeshift spear. This didn't kill the warlock, but it distracted him long enough for Elijah, a werewolf friend of Erica's, to rip his head off.

Dave tried to help Sam deal with Dante, but Erica convinced him to distract Barry, a psychic dipshit who was making things difficult. Dave managed to knick Barry, but the psychic fought him and then teleported away. Not long after, Sam killed Dante with an injection of artificial sunlight.

In the wake of the fight, Dave was on a warrior's high. He cheered on the other survivors and relished in the afterglow of victory. He approached Erica shortly thereafter and asked if they needed any help doing...whatever it was they were doing. He offered his assistance in combat, tracking and vehicle repair if needed, adding that he had his own truck. They accepted his offer, though Erica did so a bit more reluctantly. He asked them to put off leaving for just an hour while he wrapped some stuff up in town and packed.

He went back to town and called the waitress, explaining that he had just fought some aliens at the gas station--that's what the ruckus was--and he had been recruited by the Men in Black to protect the Earth. They hooked up for his last night of "civilian life". After that, he grabbed his shit and left town.

Dave played a crucial role in the War against Clive throughout Season 3 and he was present at the Final Battle, though he was not among the final four who faced Clive face to face.

For more information, see the episode guide.

Monster Hunting Edit

In the wake of the Final Battle, Dave was disheartened to learn Erica had vanished, along with Bruce. Dave stuck around North Salem for a few days before the call of the road was too strong. He grabbed his things, took one of the Pistols of Slaying and hit the road to hunt on his own.

Using the skills he'd gained from the road, Dave quickly took to the hunter's life, traveling around the country protecting people and killing monsters. While he worked with others from time to time, he mostly worked alone. He didn't take a hunter's name, citing that as "some pussy-ass bullshit; let the fuckers try to find me".

In the three years since Clive was defeated, Dave has earned himself a reputation as a skilled, brave and possibly mentally unstable hunter.

Major Relationships Edit

Alberto Bianchi Edit

Dave is Alberto's self-proclaimed "wing man" at clubs or bars, and he thinks of Alberto as his best friend. The two have just always gotten along; Dave feels that Alberto is one of the people in the world who really knows how to party and really have a good time. More than that, Dave is one of the few who ever really saw anything good in Alberto, the vampire himself included. Throughout their ordeal on the road together, the two became good friends and Dave has called Alberto "brother" on more than one occasion.

Erica Bridges Edit

Dave respects Erica, seeing her as the little sister he never had. I mean, Dave has a little sister, but she's a bitch; Erica's way cooler. He admires her tenacity and never-say-die attitude and the two share many similar views regarding authority. The two have bonded on a number of occasions and Dave really feels like Erica is family.

Jonathan Bridges Edit

Dave and Jonathan, who are about the same age, have a surprisingly lot in common and they tend to get along pretty well.

Troy Whitman Edit

The kid can kick some ass. The two didn't talk much, but on the battlefield, they proved to be an unstoppable one/two punch. There are few people Dave respects as much as Troy Whitman when it comes to kicking ass.

Sam Hudson Edit

Dave respected the hell out Sam Hudson. He was a good kid, brave and optimistic and there wasn't a better shot Dave knew of. Dave cried when he discovered Sam died and was a pallbearer at Sam's funeral, along with Troy, Rowan and Elijah.

Equipment Edit

Dave carries the standard hunter's arsenal, which includes:

  • Blades: Dave has more knives, axes, stilleto knives, box-cutters, machetes and other bladed weapons than a person should probably reasonably have.
    • Axe, Consecrated Iron
    • Silver Knives
  • Brass Knuckles: Dave has a number of these weapons, though he usually coats them in water treated with herbs, or holy water, before their use.
  • Crossbow: This is pretty much Dave's trademark weapon. He's extremely skilled with its use. Seeing Dave use it once prompted Alberto to call him "Redneck Legolas".
    • Consecrated Iron Arrows
    • Silver Arrows
    • Wolfsbane Arrows
    • Vervain Arrows
  • Holy Water Canteen
  • Guns: Dude has soooo many guns. He's got shotguns, hunting rifles, pistols, revolvers and even a machine gun. Dude's got a lot of explaining to do if he ever gets pulled over.
    • Iron Slugs
    • Salt Rock Rounds
    • Silver Bullets
    • Wooden Bullets
  • Sledgehammer: This thing comes in handy once in a while. He usually only uses it to bash through coffins, but you know, it also works on heads. When used in this way, he usually coats it in water treated with a special herb, or holy water.

Trivia Edit

  • Dave harbors a deep mistrust of electricians, believing them to be "naturally shifty".
  • He didn't know Erica was a psychic for some time; he just thought she was glaring at people in a fight.
  • Loves "classic rock", such as Metallica, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, AC/DC and others.
  • Favorite movie is Die Hard.