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Dead on Arrival is the second episode of the first season of the Urban Arcana campaign, and the second episode of the campaign overall.

Summary Edit

Plot Edit

  • Odessa receives a warning from Virgil that a Necromancer has come to town and may be looking for her.
  • In history class, she's partnered up with Donny Faraday.
  • The Necromancer lures Edgar and Paul Rousseau from the house, and then attacks Odessa at home with a small pack of ghouls.
  • Odessa tries to fight them, but as she gets overwhelmed, manages to escape and barricade herself in her bedroom. Virgil arrives to save her, however, slaughtering both the ghouls and the Necromancer. She sees his eyes glow red before he vanishes.
  • The next day, Odessa sneaks out to Virgil's office to thank him for saving her. While he tries to be evasive about what she saw the night before, Virgil relents and reveals that both he and Mephisto are demons and former Princes of the Ninth Circle of Hell, but had both been exiled a few centuries ago after botching an important task for Hell. Virgil claims to have grown attached to Earth, but warns that Mephisto still wants to return to Hell.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Odessa Nulph
  • Edgar Nulph
  • Virgil Lukas
  • Mephisto Lukas
  • Sven Chatham
  • Walt Chen

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Colin Fairbanks
  • Abby Spencer

Introduced Edit

  • Donny Faraday
  • Paul Rousseau

Trivia Edit

  • Mephisto starts his English class reading Paradise Lost.