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The Holy Grail is a powerful artifact imbued with great divine power. The Grail is of enormous historical and religious importance and has the power to heal wounds, cure disease and even bring back the dead. Together with the Spear of Destiny and the Crown of Thorns, the Holy Grail makes up the Holy Artifact Trinity.

History Edit

Not much fact can be found on the origin of the grail, but there are many theories on how it came to be. The most accepted is that the grail was the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper or it was the cup that caught the blood of Christ during the Crucifixion, while others still insist that the cup served both functions.

Regardless, there is almost always some connection to Jesus and it is believed that coming into contact with the Son of God imbued the grail with holy power. The Grail is said to be the first of the Holy Arifacts to have been created and it is considered to be the most powerful.

According to the legend, after the Crucifixion, the Grail was taken by the Apostle Peter and was regarded as a holy artifact for generations. During the First Crusades, the Grail was taken from Jerusalem and brought back to Rome or in other versions of the story, France, by the Knights Templar.

When the order was disbanded in 1312, it is said that the Grail was brought with those knights who fled west, into Great Britain and Eastern Canada (New Avalon). The Grail was said to have been hidden beneath a church south of Edinburgh, Scotland, but this grail was a cursed decoy. 

The real Grail was hidden in an elaborate, subterranean temple that several of the knights spent their lifetimes crafting. It was guarded with fierce magic to test the strength, intellect and righteousness of those who would come to claim the grail.

Powers & Abilities Edit

The Holy Grail possesses a number of significant magical properties that attribute to its status as a Greater Artifact. These properties are listed below:

  • Create Holy Water: Any water inside the Grail, whether from an isolated spring or the bathroom tap, is considered Holy Water, even without the use of a ritual. 
  • Defense: Ingesting water from the Grail provides those who drink from it protection from mind-dominating affects for 24 hours. 
  • Destroy Evil: Any evil creature who drinks from the cup are harmed and, in some cases, even destroyed. This does not affect Demons, Dragons or Liches.
  • Destroy Phylactery: A powerful Witch or Warlock can channel their power through the Holy Grail and by casting a specific ritual can purify the phylactery, releasing the soul from within and destroying the phylactery for good. The life of the Witch or Warlock who casts the spell will not be taken (as it would normally be with the standard ritual). It is noteworthy to mention that a use in this manner seems to count as a use of its Resurrection ability, so if one were to use all three uses of the Resurrection ability, it would not be able to destroy the Phylactery, and vice versa. 
  • Evil Ward: Water from the Grail can be used to make a circle of Protection from Evil, creating a boundary evil cannot enter. 
  • Healing: Ingesting water from the Grail can heal wounds and cure disease. Pouring water from the grail can cure almost all supernatural illnesses, including Ghoul Infection, Mummy Rot and Dragon Fever, although it is potent to note that this must be done within the first hour of infection. Drinking from the cup in this way can also prolong one's lifespan, so long as they are protecting the Grail.
  • Indestructible: The Holy Grail is immune to all forms of attack, both mundane and magical. Not even dragon's fire can destroy the Holy Grail and it cannot be damaged. 
  • Resurrection: Drinking from the Grail can also bring the dead back to life. While there are consequences to coming back, those who are brought back by these means are largely themselves and they experience no level loss. This effect can only be used three times (as per the Holy Trinity) every ten years. Once these three uses are gone, the Grail no longer grants this ability (although it continues to provide the other benefits listed).

Weakness Edit

The Holy Grail, as a Greater Artifact, possesses no weaknesses and there are no known methods to destroy it. 

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to popular theory, the Holy Grail was never sought after by King Arthur, although its image adorned their banners in old Camelot.