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What Came Before (Season 1) Edit

Ever had one of those nights where the universe just shits on you? I mean, a real nasty one. A post-Mexican food binge shit. Charli's been having one of those nights since she triggered her werewolf curse.

Turns out she's part of a long line of werewolves and she's evidently in line to lead the Blackmoor Clan of werewolves. So that's new. One plus was that she got to attend Shadowcrest Academy for the Supernatural, a school for freaks, magicians and monsters to learn how to control their new powers. But things went from whimsical to horrifying when she found she was being stalked by an extraplanar terror known only as the Faceless, who seemingly broke every rule of reality there was in its efforts to kill her. Not only that, but she found herself in the middle of a chess game between two inter-dimensional alien time gods. No, I'm not making that up.

But it wasn't all bad! Despite various heartbreaks, betrayals and high school in general, Charli discovered who her real friends were as the Inevitable Bentham and her friends--who she called the Misfits--pitched in to help Charli in her fight against the Faceless. Eventually, Charli would become the Avatar of Gaia and confront the Faceless in its own dimension of Pandemonium, where she sacrificed her life to save reality.

A few months later...(Season 2) Edit

Wait, she's dead, right? Then why is she awake again?

Charli finds herself thrust back to Earth and things aren't looking good. Her crazy ex Ben is missing and it looks like a storm is brewing as werewolf clans are on the verge of war. That's not even counting the ancient evil that is beginning to stir within the depths of Shadowcrest.

Guess a girl's gotta do everything herself these days, huh?