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Below is a list of the major and memorable characters to be featured in the Howl campaign:

The Misfits Edit

  • Charli Palmer
  • Finn Bard
  • Gillan Burke
  • Ruth Bickford-Goggin
  • Pip Alen-Nuckley
  • Marshall Pinfield
  • Adam Hill

Other Characters Edit

  • Angela Palmer
  • Benedict Little
  • Brielle Spooner
  • Charles Bentham
  • Chris Palmer
  • Dorian Altringham
  • Jenna Birtwistle
  • Lysander McLaren
  • Mason Gregbury
  • Roderick Scrivener
  • William Scrivener

Assholes Edit

  • Abbaddon
  • Alice McLaughlin
  • Cameron Dougherty
  • Dominic Tramontin
  • The Faceless
  • Kaden McCutcherson
  • Marie Fortescue

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