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Lucky Charms is the fifth episode of the first season of the Urban Arcana campaign, and the fifth episode of the campaign overall.

Summary Edit

Plot Edit

  • Odessa begins to suspect that the antichrist McKeen mentioned. As a result, she keeps her distance from him, despite their mutual attraction.
  • A series of accidents seem to be caused by a weird, cursed coin. Odessa and Edgar perform a number of experiments on the coin and come to the conclusion that the coin belongs to a Luck Fae.
  • The Fae comes for the coin, holding Odessa's life hostage until he gets his coin back. The problem is that if the Fae gets his coin, he will become extremely powerful and borderline unkillable. Edgar is wounded, but Odessa ends up outsmarting the Fae, tricking it into drinking a bottle of wine laced with a four-leaf clover. Haniel heals Edgar.
  • Odessa and Edgar attend a dinner with Titus Spencer, Abby's movie producer dad. Mephisto is at the dinner, which doesn't sit right with Odessa, who begins to suspect that Titus may have made some kind of demon deal with Mephisto.
  • As they return home from the dinner, they find Lorraine waiting for them.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Odessa Nulph
  • Edgar Nulph
  • Haniel
  • Mephisto Lukas
  • Sven Chatham
  • Walt Chen

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Colin Fairbanks
  • Abby Spencer
  • Donny Faraday

Introductions Edit

  • Morgan Lauffey
  • Titus Spencer