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Mason Reidl is a character in the Unnamed Boston Campaign. He's the younger brother of Brad Reidl and the son of Gibborim Hierarch Robert John Reidl. Mason is a bombastic, bold, reckless goofball. He's curious, impulsive, and fearless, but he doesn't tend to look before he leaps, and he can be a bit thick at times.

He has a number of friends outside of the Gibborim, and isn't very close with his magical peers; he is not considered a part of the Apprentices. He is a friend of Cass, though, which does make him tangentially in the group's orbit.

Mason has a notoriously foul mouth, which often gets him into trouble, and he's very sarcastic and rarely takes anything seriously. Mason is almost always goofing around, and it's common to see him playing pranks on people at Gibborim functions or at school (much to his parents' chagrin). His mouth and flippant attitude not only get him into trouble with his parents and his teachers.

He's a bit of an anarchist and he's growing into something of a hipster/punk. He rails against the establishment at every opportunity and isn't shy about his disdain for the Gibborim and authority in general. His antics are slowly growing more bold and more rebellious, which only goes to drive a bigger wedge between himself and his family. He has a particularly bad relationship with his father.

Of course, this is only one part of it. When it comes down to it, Mason won't back down from something he believes in, and he absolutely can't stand bullies. If someone needs help, Mason's gonna do his best to help them out, however ill-conceived or poorly calculated his attempt may be. This was seen when he saw Zack Kowalski being a dick to Cass and used his illusion magic to trick Zack into trying to eat a piece of concrete.

Mason is extremely creative; he's a pretty decent artist, loves photography and film, and is a talented musician. He's got no interest in carrying on the family business, and his greatest fear is to stagnate behind a desk, like every other Reidl in history. His dream is to find his own voice and identity, and his dream is to play professionally in a band.

While he's never gone on a hunt with the Apprentices, Mason has showed a propensity for heroism; he's stood up for Cass on multiple occasions. He has the natural inclination to protect people, and will do so even if it results in him getting his ass kicked (which it has).

Mason is a wizard, like the rest of his family, and he has a particularly talent for illusions. He's a natural at it; he creates illusions as easy as breathing. Being a creative person in general, Mason has shown versatility, resourcefulness, and ingenuity in the way he casts illusions. They tend to be rich, realistic, and clever and are often implemented in unexpected ways.

Mason is affiliated with the Reidl family and the Gibborim, and is a student at Auburn Academy.

Early History Edit


Mason is the second, and youngest, child of Robert and Lauren Reidl, a wealthy stock broker and a lawyer (respectively) from Boston, Massachusetts. Coming from a wealthy, influential family, Mason grew up in comfort and luxury. Unlike the rest of his family, Mason never really felt all that comfortable with the money and has actively grown to rebel against it. Even as a baby, Mason was loud, energetic, and rebellious.

Like Brad, Mason has a troubled childhood, living under intense pressure and scrutiny from their domineering father and the rest of the Gibborim. Unlike Brad, who always worked hard to please their father and live up to the lofty, almost unobtainable expectations, Mason resented the way their father treated them and always made things as difficult as he could for him; Mason quickly grew a reputation among the Gibborim as the family black sheep. This caused Mason and Robert to have a very rough, tense relationship.

Mason grew up knowing about magic, and he embraced the more fun, whimsical aspects of magic.

Throughout the Campaign Edit

Season 1 Edit

Mason met Cass at the gala almost immediately after she discovered the truth about magic and her legacy. They found in each other a refreshingly down-to-earth friend, and they've been friends every since. Mason and Cass don't hang out very much, due to their age difference, but they sit together in their Art and Intro to Business classes.


While he is on the periphery of Cass' social circle, he's not really involved in her adventures.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mason is tall and skinny for his age; standing about 5'08", with curly black hair and big, brown eyes. He's only fourteen, so he's still growing into himself.

He dresses eclectically, his style is something of a mix between hipster and punk, though his fashion is still evolving, really.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Mason is a wizard, and has so far displayed the following powers and abilities:

  • Arcane Magic: Mason is a wizard, which mean he can use arcane magic to warp the reality around him through sheer willpower. He's specifically an illusionist, which means he can use magic to fool the senses, convincing people to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste something that isn't really there. He usually creates colors, weird noises, and other flamboyant, bold uses of magic.
  • Business: For whatever reason, Mason seems to be a natural at the stock market, much to his own personal horror.
  • Creative: Mason's a naturally creative person, which grants him a unique perspective.
  • Musician: Mason can play the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and trumpet.

Equipment Edit

  • Wands: Like most wizards, Mason owns a wand. His wand is 13" long, is made of dogwood, and has a dragon heartstring core. His wand is very bendy and flexible.

Weaknessess Edit

As a wizard, Mason also possesses a number of weakness, which include:

  • Forbidden School: His skill at Illusions comes at a cost: he cannot channel magic from the Transmutation or Necromancy schools.
  • Standard Wizard Weaknesses

Relationships Edit


Mason is sarcastic and isn't particularly nice to fellow Gibborim members. He's a little confrontational or even aggressive toward other wizards, always assuming the worst.

However, to the people he would call him friends, he is funny, silly, and always down to do something new and/or stupid.

Mason & Brad Edit

Mason's relationship with his older brother is...not strained, exactly, as much as it's almost non-existent. This makes Mason sad, as they were pretty close when they were little but things have changed as they grew older. He desperately wishes that Brad could escape their father's Plan. He misses Brad.

Mason & Cass Edit

Cass is a damn breath of fresh air. She's not a bitch, she's funny, and she's fun to hang out with, and she tends to feel the same way he does about the high society world they find themselves in.

Appearances Edit

Mason has appeared in the following games:

Boston Campaign Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Episode 1, "Legacy"
  • Episode 2, "Music in the Mists"
  • Episode 3, "Grave Circumstances" - Minor
  • Episode 4, "The Hard Place"
  • Episode 5, "Friendship is Magic" - Minor
  • Episode 6, "Blood Sugar"
  • Episode 7, "Halloween"
  • Episode 8, "Splish Splash"

Trivia Edit

  • Mason loves indie and punk music, and his favorite artists are The Decemberists, The Clash, The Ramones, and Weird Al.
  • Has a special affection for rodents and other vermin.
  • His magic missile appears to be a giant, green, poking hand.
  • Mason has been skateboarding for years and he's actually pretty good at it.
  • He's had a YouTube page that he's been posting to with his friends since early 2008.
  • Kills at Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon.
  • Evidently a natural at business and finance.
  • Loves video games, particularly platformers and role-playing games.
  • Went as the "Vault Dweller" from Fallout 3 for Halloween 2010.