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What Came Before Edit

Psychic Erica Bridges and her friends fought for two long years against the evil machinations of Lich Clive Talbot, who sought to unmake reality in a bid to restart the universe. The war was hard and bitter and while Erica ultimately recovered the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny and defeated Clive, it came at a price: the life of Sam Hudson, Erica's fiancee and the father of her newborn son. In the wake of Clive's defeat, Erica left a series of notes for her loved ones and quietly disappeared with Bruce and Weezy.

Three Years Later... (Season Four) Edit

Erica just wanted to have a normal life.

She moved to Chicago, focused on raising Bruce and got a regular, boring job working IT for Daggett Industries. But it seems that Erica can't seem to avoid supernatural trouble even when she's trying to. After uncovering a conspiracy, Erica is once again on the run, pursued by the Final Church and their Mind Flayer overlords.

All the while, things are quickly going from bad to worse as she discovers old enemies returned from the dead, a new psychic guru possessing powers she never thought possible and a prophecy involving her son. Now, cursed with Illithid Fever, Erica has just one year to ensure that prophecy never comes to pass and the world is safe yet again.

A girl just can't catch a break, can she?

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