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"Of many births the Norns must be, Nor one in race they were; Some to gods, others to elves are kin, And Dvalin's daughters some." -- Poetic Edda

A Norn is a type of supernatural creature that can see and manipulate fate and destiny, and have a connection to the inevitability of death. They are considered both malevolent and benevolent beings, connected to the gods of Asgard and are the Fates of the Northern Flame.

Norns can look into a person's future by gazing at the patterns of their golden thread. The norn is able to grant one's strongest desire and change their fate in exchange for what they hold dearest.

History Edit

The first Norns--Uror, Verdani and Skuld--awoke at the beginning of time at the base of the Asgardian tree, Yggdrasil. It is here that the norns dwell, gazing into the threads of fate.

The Norns are not exactly allies of the Asgardians; they are agents of fate.

Habitat Edit

A norn's spirit is created within the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of Asgard. On Earth, a Norn can live anywhere a human can live, though they tend to prefer colder climates.

Diet Edit

Norns can consume any food a human can but they have a particular love of mead.

Breeding Edit

A norn can mate with humans but they do not breed sexually. A norns' spirit is "born" within the roots of the tree Yggdrasil. When a norn dies, their spirit returns to the tree.

Nature & Psychology Edit

Psychology Edit

Norns are cold, calculating and neurotic. Many are obsessed with details and are petty, arrogant and cruel. Immature norns tend to behave more like humans but the older they get and the more they begin to understand just how little fate can be changed, the colder they become.

Fates Edit

Norns can see fate, though their sense of the future gets cloudier and more vague the further into the future it is. These impressions of the far future are constantly changing. They adhere to these fates as close as possible and take great vengeance on those who violate what their threads dictate.

Characteristics Edit

Ancient beyond imagining, the norns are a race of powerful beings who hold in their hands the physical manifestation of fate and destiny in the form of golden thread. They watch over all life, intervening with reluctance when called upon or with a vengeance when the threads of fate are twisted or abused by lesser beings. Worshipped as gods by some, the norns are not proper Asgardians.

Appearance Edit

A norn looks just like any other human, though they can be identified by pale skin and raven-black hair. Another giveaway is the gold threads often found on their person, usually hanging out of their pockets or on their collars.

It is a common misconception that all Norns are female, but this is not true. Male norns certainly exist, though they are a bit rarer, to be fair.

Fatecraft Edit

Norns' connection to fate is such that they can alter fate in certain ways in exchange for whatever the individual holds dearest. Likewise, they can enact vengeance by snipping one's thread, ending their life prematurely.

Tools & Implements Edit

  • Shears: A fully matured norn carries with them a set of enchanted shears that are capable of cutting the golden threads of fates.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As they grow older, norns find they have more power and their powers grow as they age.

Immature Norns Edit

  • Divine Sense: A norn can sense other norn and deities.
  • Enhanced Speed: Norns can move with incredible speed, though this is mostly due to their connection to the flow of time.
  • Enhanced Strength: A norn is much stronger than a normal human and they grow stronger the older they get. A norn is comparable in strength to a vampire, though the oldest Norns are as old as civilization and thus far outclass vampires. They are almost comparable to a deity in terms of raw power.
  • Fate Manipulation: They possess a limited amount of power and control over fate. This allows the norn to place a curse or blessing upon a human.
  • Immortal: As agents of fate, a Norn is immortal unless they are destroyed. If killed by any other means, the norn will reawaken within a few hours.
  • Immunity to Time Alteration: Norns are immune to changes made to the timeline.
  • Regeneration: A norn is no more durable than a regular human. If killed but not destroyed, they will return to life, fully healed.
  • Supernatural Sight: Norns can see Reapers and things that are naturally invisible.

Mature Norns Edit

  • Divine Sense: The range at which a norn can sense gods and other norns increases exponentially.
  • Snip Thread: A norn can snip the thread of a mortal, killing them instantly. This makes it impossible to resurrect the victim.
  • Teleportation: Norns can teleport anywhere on the Material Plane.
  • Time Manipulation: A norn can freeze time briefly, usually to ensure fate is carried out.
  • Wish Granting: Norns can grant wishes, though it costs the wish-maker dearly.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Angelic Blades: The blades carried by angels can kill a norn.
  • Ash Stakes: A wooden stake made of ash and dipped in blood can kill a norn.
  • Celestial Weapons: Weapons forged by the gods or in a Dwarven forge can kill a norn.
  • Death's Scythe: This can kill literally anything.
  • Higher Beings: God, deities, archangels, archdukes, etc, can kill a Norn.

Notable Norns Edit

Name Age Rank Status
Mini Eric
Eric Weathers
17 Unknown Alive