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Odessa Elene Nulph is a young Mage still discovering the full extent of not only her abilities, but of her connection to the Lower Planes. She is reserved, charming and undeniably classy young woman with a unmatched social grace, courage and a fierce conviction to save the world and the human race from the machinations of the demonic forces who seek to destroy it.

Odessa is the daughter of notorious mages Roland and Victoria Nulph, granddaughter of Lorraine Nulph and niece/ward of Edgar Nulph.

Characteristics Edit

Odessa is a quiet, poised, elegant young mage with more class than any one person has a right to. Beneath her graceful and composed exterior beats the passionate heart of both a lover and a warrior.

Despite her formal, proper demeanor and emphasis on what's "acceptable", Odessa detests snobbery, prejudice, discrimination and cruelty in all of its forms; the quickest way to make an enemy of Odessa is to be a bully. She is quick to stand up for others and, despite her small size, she proves to be shockingly fierce.

She has a stubborn and fiery temperament, along with a powerful, unrelenting sense of conviction. When she's right about something, she's right. When she's made up her mind about something, that's all there is to say about the matter. This doesn't mean she's unwilling to listen to others or take their advice (although it might as well) but she tends to be very confident in her decisions and opinions and there is no force in the universe that can truly convince her otherwise.

She is a very intelligent and well-read young woman, and she is quite good at thinking critically. While her considerable skill with magic is usually enough to get her out of most situations, Odessa is often able to out-fox opponents more powerful than her, playing into their arrogance or exploiting their weaknesses rather than resorting to brute strength. During her extensive training with Arthur, has also picked up a variety of tricks in using her environment to her advantage.

If one had to describe Odessa in one word, that would be "Glamorous". She's the epitome of cool and calm; she's always polite, always charming, always has a sweet smile. She can deliver a venomous diatribe and make it sound like a compliment laced in honey. Her silver tongue does stem from her demonic blood, sure, but it's also just a part of who she is. When she walks into the room, people notice. They can't help it; Odessa is all beauty, class and elegance. While some find her intimidating, she has an undeniable presence that makes others want to make happy. It's an unexplainable je ne sais pas.

As she was raised in the lap of luxury, she has never wanted for anything. She's always had the best, including designer clothes, jewelry, private lessons and so on. She delights in the simple things, like new shoes or diamonds. She has a very classic, vintage look to her and is never seen driving without her driving gloves and Audrey Hepburn-esque sunglasses. She loves shopping and, more than anything, finds a lot of joy in buying extravagant gifts for her friends. As a lover of parties (read:fancy parties, balls and banquets) and she loves throwing themed parties. She isn't a snob by any means and there's a sort of frank innocence about her lifestyle that would immediately dispel the idea.

She's something of a den mother and happy homemaker. The first thing she did when she moved into Owlpen was to completely clean and organize the entire house. When guests come over, Odessa goes into "Hostess Mode": she bakes, keeps guests topped off on their preferred drink and otherwise does her best to make her guests as happy and comfortable as possible.

During these times, Odessa can come across as being overly formal in how she speaks, but it's just her upbringing. She's getting better about that, but you know, old habits die hard. The honest truth, though, is that Odessa has a hard time forming real connections with people and a stiff, proper demeanor is the only way she's ever really interacted with others. As she spends more time with her friends, she's getting better at this but it can sometimes come back to bite her; her elegance, formality and strict accordance to the rules of etiquette occasionally cause her to come across as strange in more casual settings.

Odessa knows for a fact that God exists and to be completely honest, she doesn't care for Him. She sees God as a big bully with a magnifying glass and resents the fact that while He could step in at any point and avert this entire crisis, He won't, evidently just to prove a point. The bitterness runs deep and in many ways, it has acted to build up a small amount of sympathy for the other side. It isn't that she wants Crowley or Lucifer to win or anything; she just thinks it's ridiculous that they were cast out of Heaven for what amounts to a difference of opinion. She can understand how that can make someone bitter. However, in her experience, Hell is just as bad. More than anything, she's on humanity's team.


As poised and well-mannered as Odessa is, she does have a dark side. When she is provoked to anger, she is a force to be reckoned with and can be quite frightening in such a state. A great deal of this stems from the Demon's Blood in her system. She has her moments where she's cold as ice, willing to do something terrible for the greater good. But nobody could accuse Odessa of completely lacking in empathy, as she's always quick to offer mercy and can also be talked out of some of her more extreme ideas. She isn't a cruel or evil person, after all, but she does tend to easily give in to her more base instincts.

Odessa has died and come back twice, and for this reason she will never quite be the person she might have been otherwise. There is something distant, unattainable, almost otherworldly about her; a barely detectable glint in her eyes that hint of the worlds she's seen from which mortals aren't meant to return. She has always felt something was missing or lost, and there's an undeniable sadness or longing about her that creeps up on her from time to time that she can't quite explain.

Since her birth, she's been an unknowing tool in the war between Heaven and Hell, manipulated, killed twice and subjected to imbibing demon's blood all without her permission, and she remembers none of it. Given her independent nature, Odessa is tired of being used or manipulated and is determined for her fate to be one of her own choosing; neither Heaven nor Hell will emerge victorious because she's going to outsmart them both. And really, if anybody could take those odds, it'd be Odessa Nulph.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a Mage, Odessa has all of the standard powers and abilities of her kind. She also has a series of skills, talents and other supernatural abilities, described below:

  • Anti-Telepathy Tattoo: Odessa has this glyph tattooed on the back of her neck, though certain enchantments have made it invisible to the human eye. This means that no Outsider is able to read her mind unless she allows it.
  • Anti-Possession Tattoo: This sigil is tattooed over her heart, though enchantments make it invisible to the human eye. This tattoo makes ghosts, demons and angels alike unable to possess her body.
  • Dancing: Odessa has been trained in ballet since she was a little girl. She's a very, very good dancer.
  • Demon's Blood: The blood of a demon is an extremely potent supernatural substance. Imbibing it can change a person, granting them special powers or powerful magic. The subject is altered, gaining a minute portion of a demon's natural connection to Hell. Drinking a demon's blood will create a bond or connection between the drinker and the demon.
  • Alluring: The demon's blood in her makes Odessa supernaturally alluring to others. Whenever she uses magic to charm someone, such magic is more potent.
  • Corrupting Touch: Drawing on the demonic power in her blood, Odessa is capable of flaring a sort of infernal aura, causing those she touches to become shaken and disturbed for a short time.
  • Fire Affinity: Her natural connection to help has given Odessa a flair for fire magic.
  • Infernal Resistance: The demon's blood protects Odessa from fire and fortifies her immune system, making her less likely to succumb to poison.
  • Protection from Good: Odessa can draw on infernal magic to protect herself and her friends from positively-charged magic, such as the magic wielded by angels.
  • Etiquette: Odessa is the epitome of composure and social grace. She's able to thrive in almost any civilized get-together. She's good at reading people and saying what they need to hear.
  • Gymnast: Years of gymnastics training have made Odessa extremely agile, coordinated and graceful.
  • Martial Arts: Odessa took karate as a form of self-defense. She's not strong, but she's quick and knows where to hit to make it count.
  • Nosferitsu Training: Arthur has taught Odessa this strange, eclectic fighting style specifically designed to be used against Vampires.
  • Photographer: Odessa has the photographer's eye and is capable of taking professional-level pictures.
  • Singing: As a classically-trained vocalist, Odessa's voice has been described as "melodic, beautiful and, ironically, angelic".
  • Violin: Odessa has been playing the violin since she was eight years old. She's good enough that she beat a demon in a fiddle contest. Then again, the demon was a terrible violin player.

Weaknesses Edit

Odessa also possesses all of the standard weaknesses and vulnerabilities of her kind.

  • Infernal Aura: The aura she generates from the demon's blood makes good-aligned objects difficult to hold. Intense good energy makes her feel nauseous or grumpy.
  • Peanut Allergy: Odessa has a literally-lethal allergy to peanuts.
  • Pride: Odessa is extremely proud and is loathe to admit when she's wrong or when she needs help. Her pride also gives her a short temper from time to time.
  • Spiders: While she claims otherwise, Odessa has a fear of spiders.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Odessa was born December 21st, 1996 to Roland and Victoria Nulph. Tragedy struck when she was only a few weeks old, however, when she died in her crib. Her parents, stricken with grief, they turned to black magic, sacrificing a maid in a dark ritual to recall Odessa's soul. The ritual worked, but it was flawed; she brought a Hitchhiker along with her; a malevolent spirit that latch onto returning souls. This warped and twisted the young child's personality and this, combined with Virgil's unseen influence, turned Odessa into a horrible monster that even scared her grandmother.


The Deal Edit

She died again at seven years old in a fit of blind, homicidal rage when her heart gave out. In desperation, they contacted an old friend of Roland's mother; the demon Mephistopheles, who brought Odessa back again at the price of Roland's soul. Victoria sold her soul to ensure Odessa was brought back as close as they could, and for Mephisto to give her some of his blood to make sure she had magical abilities. After all, she'd lose both of her parents in ten years and they wanted to ensure she would be able to take care of herself. The Nulphs also elected for Odessa's memories to be erased, so she remembered nothing prior to the second resurrection.

Post-Resurrection Edit

Odessa grew up sheltered and removed from the world around her. Her only social interactions were at formal gatherings and trips to the country club. She never quite fit in with people her age and she soon retreated into her own private world of photography, Blues music and Audrey Hepburn movies.

She was never close to either of her parents, either; both maintained a sort of distance and always sent her out to private lessons with various tutors. The only time they ever really paid any sort of attention to her was when they chastised her for some social faux pas, such as wearing converse shoes to a banquet. She understood from a young age that her parents didn't particularly care for her, which hurt her a great deal. Growing up, Odessa felt alone and, to a degree, unlovable.

When she was sixteen, she developed a crush on the athletic, handsome Richard Bhainer and was thrilled when he asked her out on a date. Her happiness turned to crushing shock when he tried getting handsy with her, forcing her to (unknowingly) use magic to repel him. The next day, he told people that she had been desperate to "get with him" and that he was the one who spurned her advances. This broke young Odessa's heart, who swore off dating until she met "a regular Clark Gable".

In 2013, Odessa's parents died when Mephisto returned to collect their deal, though this was covered up and Odessa believed for some time that her parents had died in a car collision. She assumed she'd be going to live with her grandmother and so was rather shocked to learn she would instead be going to Sacramento, California to live with her uncle. Despite her reservations about moving in with an uncle she never met, she decided to make the best of things.

A New Day (Urban Arcana - Season 1) Edit

Odessa moved in with her uncle in August of 2013 and soon after started public school (something new for her) and even made friends! However, her life started to turn upside-down as she found herself a key figure in a war between Heaven and Hell. Along with her new friends, Odessa must navigate and survive the worlds of celestial warfare and high school.

For more information, see the episode guide.

The Seals (Urban Arcana - Season 2) Edit

Two (or so) of the twelve seals to free Lucifer from his cage have been broken. Team Humanity finds itself in the middle of its darkest hour, digging in their feet and struggling against foes from every direction. But will aid reveal itself in the most unlikeliest of places? Odessa will have to confront the truth about her past and be prepared to sacrifice everything if she hopes to stop Crowley and save the world.

For more information, see the episode guide.

Major Relationships Edit

Edgar Nulph Edit

Arthur Reid Edit

Virgil Edit

Mephisto Edit

Haniel Edit

Walt Edit

Sven Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Bag of Holding: This bag, which looks like a normal backpack, is enchanted to be much bigger on the inside. This allows her to carry a whole bunch of stuff without the backpack getting heavier.
  • Bracelet of Summoning: This bracelet has a number of charms on it. When a charm is ripped off and thrown to the ground, it summons a powerful extraplanar ally.
  • Broom of Flying: This is a standard racing broom. She's not very good with it, but she's getting better.
  • Iron Dagger: A simple iron dagger, capable of injuring a demon and even repelling ghosts.
  • Ring of Protection: This simple ring has a number of wards and enchantments intended to keep Odessa safe from harm.
  • Wand: Odessa's wand allows her to cast spells without somatic and most material components.

Trivia Edit

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