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"A mind is a terrible thing."

Psychics are a subset of humanity that possess the ability to alter or influence people and/or their environment through sheer force of will. It is unknown what biological mechanism allows a psychic to perform these amazing abilities, but it is apparently innate. They do not see to operate like other forms of magic and ignore most magical defenses or countermeasures.

Many psychics have various mental illnesses, high intelligence and low empathy; never a great combination.


Psychic phenomena have been recorded for centuries, though nobody is quite sure when or how they first manifested. Stories of telepaths or those who can move objects with their minds go back almost as long as there have been stories, but it's impossible to use such antiquated accounts to determine psychic abilities from magic.

The first psychics are believed to have appeared in places of the world monastic traditions that emphasize meditation and inner peace, such as Tibet and parts of India. Such orders are involved in long periods of meditation and contemplation. Such monks and wisemen were said to achieved a state of harmony, allowing them to mentally affect the world around them with their minds. Such tales tell of telepathy, levitation, temperature fluctuations and mediumship.

Such orders were rare in the western world. Psychics are assumed to have always existed, but it not possible to determine where such individuals were or how they lived. There are several historical figures that are believed to have been psychics, however, including Joan of Arc and Grigori Rasputin, among others. It is also speculated that many psychics may have been mistaken as witches or sorcerers throughout history.

Modern psychic traditions are believed to have originated in 1867 with Fa Kwan, a Chinese mystic who reportedly taught those with "the gift" or "the sight" that he encountered in his travels throughout Europe. These first psychics were taught by Kwan about peace and meditation, and they were taught that such gifts were signals that they had been chosen by the Tao to protect humanity.

Spurred by Kwan's teachings, the Victorian era saw an influx of psychic phenomena, with many psychics appearing in parts of the world far from Tibet and India; particularly London. France and America also saw quite a few psychics emerge during this time.

Many psychics of the Great Depression era made their living with the circus or as traveling performers, with many posing as magicians or vaudeville actors. Others made their living manipulating the stock market.

Just prior to World War II, Adolf Hitler--who had developed an obsession with the occult after he witnessed psychic phenomena during the first World War--began to scour Europe for any "Ubermensch" he could find to help him recover the Spear of Destiny, forming the SS Paranormal Division, led by psychic Hans Jung. During this time, psychics who refused to enlist with the Nazis were sent to death camps for experimentation. A small group of psychics, led by Michael Talbot, escaped one of these camps in 1943 and some even covertly contributed to the war effort. Talbot himself joined a team known as Spooky Unit, a team of paranormals that actively fought against the SS Paranormal Division.

During the Cold War, the United States government abducted large numbers of psychic individuals and subjected them to experimentation. In addition, the government founded a division dedicated to unlocking psionic potential in non-psychic individuals, which was known as MK Ultra.

Since then, psychics have been forced to live with the fear of being acquired as "assets". Some are on the run, others give in to their darker urges. Only time will tell what place psychics will have in the supernatural world over the course of the coming decades.


Psychics are, despite their incredible abilities, essentially human. Psychic ability is genetic and is passed down from parent to child. Any child with a psychic parent will receive the gene as well, though it should be noted that powers do not always manifest in individuals with the gene. However, even in such a case, a dormant psychic will pass on the gene to their own offspring, who might possibly develop psionics themselves.

Psychics do not appear to be any more or less fertile than non-psychic humans.


A psychic can survive in any environment that a human can. Their abilities might help them survive longer in extreme conditions, but not indefinitely.

Characteristics Edit

Psychology Edit

A psychic tends to view the world as more malleable than other species. After discovering their powers, a psychic unconsciously makes a choice whether they view themselves as better than a normal human or as a normal human with a gift. Many psychics are cold to humans and treat them as lesser beings.

Socially, they represent an odd sort of paradox: they are reserved or unusually charismatic. They're the most talkative person in the room or the least talkative person you've ever met. Some are avant garde about using abilities, others are cautious.

Psychics are intrinsically connected to the people around them and while one might think this would make psychics very empathetic, the exact opposite tends to hold true; when you can manipulate what others say, think and feel; when you can control what a person experiences or senses; when you can alter another person's reality with the snap of your fingers or bend space to your will, you tend to view the people around you less as people and more as disposable tools. This is not universal, of course, but many psychics possess a lack of empathy and even the more charismatic ones can be described as aloof, cold and detached.


While psychics are just humans with the ability to perform psioncs, there are a number of strange variations that may occur in psychic individuals. These changes typically do not manifest until the emergence of their abilities. Unusual appearances can manifest as unusual hair or eyes, elongated fingers and even total hair loss.

Ranks Edit

Psychics are ranked by the Hoffman Institute in a letter-class system. Each rank is determined based on the raw power of the individual and the amount of training or experience they've had:

  • Rank-E: Individuals with the Psion gene but no discernable psychic abilities. They may possess enhanced intellect, for example, but they do not display any psychic power. Such individuals has psychic auras and are considered to be "sensitive".
  • Rank-D: Minor psychics who possess somewhat unremarkable or redundant abilities. For example, the ability to sense spirits but not communicate with them. They have little skill in using their powers, if any, and are considered non-threats.
  • Rank-C: Rank C Psychics are either new psychics or psions who are incapable of becoming stronger. Such psychics are adept at using their natural abilities (see below) but are not so powerful that they have a wide array of psychic powers to use.
  • Rank-B: These psychics are very strong and very skilled. For the vast majority of psychics, Rank B is the highest rank they can aspire to. Many professional psychics are Rank B and this rank typically takes years to achieve. A Rank-B psychic is absolutely not to be underestimated.
  • Rank-A: This psychic is truly powerful, more a force of nature than a human being. Rank-A psychics are not only highly skilled with considerable experience, but they command awesome, raw power. Psychic abilities come as naturally as breathing. A Rank-A ally is one of the most powerful allies one can hope to have, while a Rank-A gone rogue is a nightmare scenario.

General AbilitiesEdit

A psychic's psionic power tends to manifest when they are infants or children, before going dormant until puberty. All psychics, regardless of classifications, possess the following abilities:

  • Aura Sensitivity: Psychics can perceive and interpret the psychic imprints, or "auras", of human beings.
  • Crystal Attunement: Psychics are capable of attuning themselves with the same frequency as certain crystals, allowing a psychic to use them to store extra psychic energy.
  • Heightened Intellect: A psychic's brain is slightly different from a standard human. They are more easily able to absorb and retain information. As a result, many psychics are very intelligent and many have excellent memories.
  • Psionics: Through sheer willpower, a psychic is able to manipulate their environments and individuals around them. This power is innate and produced by the psychic themselves, as opposed to manipulating some kind of energy produced by the universe or nature.
  • Spirit Communication: Psychics can sense spirits and most can communicate with them in some capacity, such as automatic writing.


All psychics possess a natural gift or ability, and is classified by this gift.

  • Banshees: These psychics let out an ear-splitting scream that ruptures blood vessels in a target.
  • Beasts: Beasts are capable of psychically controlling animals, much like a dominator does to a human, though usually with a greater degree of control.
  • Blasters: Specialize in control of an element, such as electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, hydrokinesis, etc.
  • Dominators: These individuals can override the will of a target, forcing them to follow any command they give. Some more powerful Sniffers can even force a victim to obey commands that are harmful to them.
  • Hackers: Also called technopaths, these psychics can interface with, communicate with and control technology.
  • Jumpers: These psychics are able to bend time and space, instantly teleporting short distances.
  • Leech: A Leech possesses the ability to copy the psychic gift of those around them. This is the rarest form of psychics and only occur in nature (this ability cannot be learned).
  • Mediums: These psychics are capable of speaking with the dead and controlling spirits, bending ghosts to their will.
  • Movers: Powerful telekinetics, able to move the world around them through force of will. They are also capable of augmenting physical attacks and creating protective shields.
  • Phaser: A phaser can walk through walls and other solid matter.
  • Readers: Psychics with the ability to read the thoughts of subjects and tailor their memories, either by erasing old ones or creating completely new ones.
  • Runners: These psychics use psychic energy to run much faster than an average human.
  • Shades: A Shade can shield their auras and those of the people around them, effectively making them immune from psychic detection and mind reading.
  • Shifters: Shifters are capable of bending light and stimulating certain areas of the brain, creating complex illusions.
  • Sniffers: Possessing psychometry, the practice of honing in on psychic auras and using them to reveal and object's history and even trace those who have used it last.
  • Stitchers: Stitchers are able to use their own psychic energy to correct injuries in a target, providing healing and ability restoration.
  • Titans: Titans possess tactile telekinesis; psychic energy enhances their physical strength and durability.
  • Watcher: A watcher possesses precognition; the ability to witness the future.


Psychics are, generally speaking, about as fragile as a regular human and is susceptible to anything that would kill a human. In addition, they also possess the following weaknesses:

  • Crystals: Certain crystals can be used to negate a psychic's energy.
  • Frequencies: Certain frequencies, unable to be heard by a regular human, can be heard by psychics. Such frequencies react strangely with their psychic auras, causing them to be in intense pain or, if left unchecked, knocked unconscious.
  • Lack of Empathy: Many psychics have a lack of empathy and some even develop a God Complex. Even those with "regular" empathy tend to be more susceptible to the temptations of the dark side than a regular human.
  • Lead: Lead will completely block a psychic's psionic energy. Lead makes many psychic powers null. A psychic wearing lead is completely unable to use any of their abilities.
  • Mental Illness: Most psychics tend to develop mental illnesses when their powers manifest. For others, the process can take years. Illnesses do not manifest in all psychics, but they do in most. They can be as benign as minor paranoia, ADD or OCD and as severe as schizophrenia and megalomania.
  • Overstrain: Psychics can push themselves so hard that their brains lock and just turn off.

Notable Psychics Edit

Name Age Classification Affiliation Status
Mini Abberline
Inspector Frederick Abberline
1843-1929 (died age 86) Watcher, Class-B Pinkertons; The Hunters Deceased
Mini Barry
Barry Finn
21 Dominator; Enhanced Psychic The Enlightened; Clive Talbot (formerly) Alive (Resurrected)
Mini Cecil
Appox. 30 Unknown; Enhanced Psychic The Enlightened Alive
Mini Erica
Erica Bridges
21; legally 20 Sniffer, Class-B Family Alive
Mini Finn
Finn Bard
17 Blaster (Pyrokinesis), Class-C Misfits Alive
Mini Gillan
Gillan Burke
17 Jumper, Class-C Misfits Alive
Mini Gordon
Gordon Dennis
32 Shifter, Enhanced Psychic The Enlightened Alive
Mini Jonathan
Jonathan Bridges
38 Reader, Class-B Bridges Family Alive
Mini Jung
Hans Jung
Unknown Dominator, Class-A Nazi Party Deceased (as of 2017)
Mini Kurt
Kurt Tajiri
36 Reader, Class-B Universal Team Alive
Mini Liddia
Liddia Roth
22 Stitcher, Enhanced Psychic The Enlightened Alive
Mini Marshall
Marshall Pinfield
17 Technopath, Class-C The Misfits Alive
Mini Morris
William Morris
1967-2014 (died aged 47) Sniffer, Class-B The Hoffman Institute, Clive Talbot Deceased
Mini Noah
Noah Morris
19 Pusher, Class-C Family Alive
Mini Walt
Walt Chen
18 Medium, Class-D Team Humanity Alive
Mini Wyatt
Wyatt Rhee
31 Shade, Enhanced Psychic The Enlightened Alive