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What Came Before Edit

After the death of her parents, high school senior Odessa Nulph is sent to live with her eccentric uncle Edgar at his estate in Sacramento, California. Her life quickly takes a turn for the strange when she discovers her heritage as a sorceress. Becoming involved with the demon brothers, Virgil and Mephisto, her life only gets more dangerous as the secrets of her past only seem to be hinting at a larger horrifying truth. Odessa found herself falling deeper into a terrifying world of angels and demons, fighting to keep the villainous Crowley from freeing Lucifer from his cage.

Today (Season Two) Edit

After suffering betrayals and devastating loss, Odessa has emerged stronger for it. She's continuing the fight against Crowley and Virgil, with the surprising addition of Mephisto to their side. Along with Edgar, vampire hunter Arthur Reid and the rest of Team Humanity, Odessa struggles against sinister and angelic forces alike in order to save the world from certain doom.

Clouds gather. Things are about to get worse.

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