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"I send out from me the spirits of the valkyrie. May the first bite you in the back. May the second bite you in the breast. May the third turn hate and envy upon you."

The Valkyrie, also known as the "Chooser of the Slain" by the Asgardian deities, is a female, supernatural entity that are made up of women who died in battle with a blade in their hands in service to Asgard.
Their sacred duty is to scour the battlefields of the Material Plane for warriors of great prowess and renown. With a glance, a valkyrie can tell who is near death and ready to give up life and who fights on to live another day, and can either claim the soul of the slain or aid the living to continue the fight.
The Valkyrie are fierce, powerful and well-known throughout the halls of the other pantheons, greatly feared for their prowess on the battlefields.

History Edit

In the beginning of human civilization, the humans lived in the dark, in constant fear of the Jotnar and the other evil things who dwell in the dark. There were some, however, who resisted.

The first Valkyries were created from the spirits of women who overcame that fear and fought back. Odin and Freya, who were impressed by their courage, brought them back as something more. They gained fair qualities from Freya and fierce, bloody qualities from Odin.

The Valkyrie rode into battle against the Jotnar and between battles, they scoured battlefields, finding worthy warriors to join Odin's legion. The Valkyrie were well-known and feared among their enemies and their names were often invoked in curses or oaths of revenge among the Norse people, specifically women.

Habitat Edit

Valkyrie dwell on Earth but as they are no longer human, they are not susceptible to environmental extremes. They are also able to exist freely within the Astral Plane and Asgard.

Diet Edit

Valkyrie do not feed as a human does. As warriors, they keep up their strength in battle, satiating their hunger by consuming the energy and lifeforce of fallen foes who are unworthy of moving on to Valhalla.

Nature & Psychology Edit

Valkyrie care little for humans, except for those of exceptional skill in battle. However, they tend to possess a special bond with witches, who would often invoke the Valkyrie in curses. Of course, Asgardian demigods are also important to the Valkyrie, but this is primarily due to their connection with the Asgardian pantheon. Some Valkyrie have special duties to protect and serve specific demigods.

Breeding & Transformation Edit

Valkyrie are no longer human and cannot produce offspring. They have no trouble mating with humans and, in fact, they tend to have very active libidos. However, they will only do so with humans who have proven their worth and skill in battle. Some will kill or challenge a mate to combat before or after the act.

Instead of traditional reproduction, a Valkyrie is created when a mortal woman dies with a blade in her hand in service to the gods of Asgard. When such a human dies, their spirit is judged by Odin and Freya. If they deem the mortal worthy, they will use their power to alter the soul, transforming them into supernatural beings and returning them to Earth. The Valkyrie will then serve the gods until they die in battle themselves, at which point they can move on to Valhalla.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Valkyries are always female and appear much as they did in life, though they appear stronger and more beautiful. They serve the Asgardian Pantheon, and Odin and Freya are their leaders.

In battle, their eyes turn black and they sometimes appear with spectral, shadowy wings.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Valkyrie possess a number of supernatural abilities:

  • Allspeak: Thanks to their celestial connection to the divine, Valkyrie can communicate in all of the languages of Earth's dialects.
  • Battle Trained: All Valkyrie are experts in combat, possessing supernatural instincts and focus.
  • Call Lightning: A Valkyrie can summon lightning from the sky, even on a sunny day.
  • Choose the Slain: As the "Choosers of the Slain", Valkyrie can draw the soul from a newly dead body and store it in a container and bring it with them.
  • Deathwatch: A Valkyrie can tell how close a mortal creature is to death and how likely they were to recover from injuries.
  • Flight: Using their spectral, celestial wings, Valkyrie can fly through the air with great speed, making almost no sound as they do so.
  • Immortal: Valkyrie do not age and cannot die from natural causes.
  • Rage Inducement: A Valkyrie can stir wrath and fury within the hearts of mortals.
  • Superhuman Agility: A Valkyrie's agility, balance and bodily coordination are all enhanced to beyond the physical limits of the finest human athletes.
  • Superhuman Durability: As warriors of the gods, a Valkyrie's body is much denser and more resistant to conventional injury than the body of a human. They can withstand falls from great height, exposure to extreme temperature and pressure, high caliber bullets and tremendous impact forces without suffering any fatal injuries.
  • Superhuman Speed: Valkyrie can run and move at speeds faster than the finest human athletes.
  • Superhuman Strength: The strength capacity of a Valkyrie is such that they are significantly stronger than a human, about on par with a vampire.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Ash Stakes: A wooden stake made of ash wood will instantly kill them.
  • Celestial Weapons: Weapons forged by gods or Dwarves can kill a Valkyrie.
  • Higher Beings: God, deities, angels and demons are all able to kill a Valkyrie.
  • Magic: Valkyrie are vulnerable to magic.

Notable Valkyrie Edit

Name Gift Master Domain Status
Mini Chelsea
Chelsea O'Dowd
Unknown Astrid; Hel Unknown Alive