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Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray is a British schoolteacher living in England in the year 1891. She is a kind, compassionate person who considers herself a "modern woman". She is sensible with a good head on her shoulders, though she has displayed a certain capacity for boldness.

She is the fiancee of Jonathan Harker and the best friend of Lucy Westenra.

Characteristics Edit

Wilhelmina, referred to as Mina by virtually everybody, is a sociable, respectable and strongly independent "modern" woman. She is the sensible foil to Lucy's more liberated, wild personality; in modern times, she'd be known as the "girl next door".

Overall, Mina is compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, intelligent, modest and very friendly, able to strike up conversations and get along with almost anybody. She's a polite young woman who dotes on guests and always asks them questions about themselves; she always strives for the people she's with to be comfortable and well-fed.

A well-read woman, Mina is shown to be very intelligent, especially for a woman in Victorian-era England. She's very familiar with many authors and poets, and is surprisingly well-read on world geography and history.

Mina is a proud woman; she is proud of her independence, proud of her intellect and proud of the work she does with children. This is not to say she is arrogant; Mina is extremely humble and isn't one for compliments or flattery. Instead, she is simply proud of all she has accomplished, as she very well should be.

While she does consider herself to be a thoroughly modern woman, she is not quite as liberated and wild as her best friend Lucy. She's a respectable, sensible woman who believes in family, honor, loyalty and community. She's always one to keep her calm, always polite and composed, even in the most dire situations. Despite being something of a skeptic and a realist, she has a vivid imagination and is open to "the mystical". While polite, she is not outgoing; Mina tends to be an introverted sort of person.

She has a strong backbone when it comes to her convictions; she is brave and self-sacrificing with a willingness to put herself at risk to save others. There are few lengths she would not go to to save the people she loves.

Mina is something of a mother hen. She's very generous and doting, always bustling about when company is over; Mina is always making tea, or doing wash or otherwise acting motherly to guests and friends. Some finds this behavior endearing while others find it smothering.


She does have her flaws; Mina does not have perfect patience and tends to be more curious than is probably good for her. She has a propensity for boldness that is bound to get her into trouble one day and her protective mother-hen nature can sometimes extend to being a little controlling in times of stress. This isn't to say she's a controlling person; she can just get that way sometimes when she's over-stressed. Generally, however, she actually puts a very high value on personal freedoms and is known to be very forgiving.

Mina is surprisingly courageous and headstrong, unwilling to give evil even an inch when it comes down to it. She will not turn her course once it is set, no matter how difficult to challenge may be. Her bravery and loyalty are unwavering.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a witch, Mina has all of the standard powers. However, Mina has not yet know that she is a witch and has not used any of her powers (at least not knowingly) in the story as of yet.

  • Attunement: Mina is a Healing witch. This energy empowers her healing spells and allows her to bring her allies back from the brink of death.
  • Educated: Mina is extremely well-read and intelligent; more so than most men.
  • Etiquette: As a lady, Mina has been trained in social etiquette and grace.
  • Horseback Riding: While not a champion rider or anything like that, Mina knows how to ride a horse and often did so when she was young.
  • Medicine: Mina has a surprising knack for first aid and the healing arts. It might have to do with all of the books on the human body she's read or maybe growing up with a young man who wants to be a doctor, or maybe some combination of the two.
  • Music: Mina is probably trained in some type of music.
  • Soothesayer: Mina is able to read fortunes to determine the future, though it's not perfectly accurate.
  • Typing: As a modern schoolteacher, Mina is teaching herself how to type. She's pretty good at it, actually.
  • Writing: Mina is a prolific and talented writer.

Weaknesses Edit

Mina also has all of the standard weaknesses of a witch.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Mina was born into the well-to-do Murray household in Whitby, England. Her father Malcolm was a captain in the military and is famed for his exploration of "darkest Africa" in his younger days. The Westenra family were friends of theirs, as both Malcolm and Gordon Westenra served together in the army.


While Gladys raised Mina, Malcolm was slightly more distant due to his many trips and lectures, though when he was home he would often regale Mina with (probably exaggerated stories) about his journeys and adventures in Africa.

However, when she was six years old, Gladys passed away due to sickness. Malcolm returned home where he attempted to care for his daughter, but he was distraught and turned to the bottle for comfort. He died falling off his horse when Mina was eight years old.

During this time, Mina was taken in by her father's good friend Gordon Westenra, a notably generous and kind man who raised Mina like she was one of his own. Mina and Gordon's only daughter, Lucy, became best friends and over the years, became like sisters to one another. Mina also became friends with Jack Seward, the shy, quiet son of the Westenra's maid who was clearly in love with Lucy from a young age.

Another friend Mina made was the young son of Blake Harker, a friend of Gordon's, named Jonathan. The Harkers came to stay for a month or so during the summers, a time she always looked forward to. She found the shy boy sweet and gentle and, over the years, developed feelings for him. The two were always close and remained in correspondence with one another.

Schoolteacher Edit

When she was seventeen years old, Mina left the Westenra estate to pursue a career in education. She eventually decided to teach the children of the small village of Hambledon, in Hampshire. The children there were largely illiterate and Mina felt she could do the most good there.

About a year after she moved there, Gordon came down with a sickness from which he never recovered. Lucy and Mina were both distraught and Mina spent that summer with the Westenra's, during which Claire suffered a non-fatal heart attack. After this incident, it was decided Lucy and Claire would live in London full-time, for Claire's health (so she could be closer to the doctor, for one thing).


Mina continued to teach, though she remained in close correspondence with Lucy and never hesitated to help in any way if they needed it (though Lucy always insisted everything was fine).

War of the Dragon - Season 1 Edit

In 1891, Jonathan visited Mina to tell her about the client he had been assigned with the law office he worked for; a Romanian count who wanted to settle his affairs and move to London. For his trouble, Jonathan would be paid a considerable bonus; enough to properly marry Mina. He proposed and she accepted, the couple planning their wedding for that September.

As she would have to live in London, Mina found a new teacher to take over her post and moved to London that summer, staying with Lucy while she planned the wedding and waited for Jonathan to return from Romania. But with time, the letters stopped coming, just as strange occurrences began all around London and Mina would have a fateful encounter that would change the course of her life.

For more information, see the episode guide.

Major Relationships Edit

Lucy Westenra Edit

Lucy is Mina's best friend and the person whom Mina trusts more than anybody else. The two have grown up together and become like sisters. While their personalities could not be farther apart--Mina is modest, sensible and quiet while Lucy is bold, flighty and sexually liberated--the two are extremely close. The two have shared much of their lives together, laughing, crying and standing by each other through both triumphs and tragedy. Mina cares deeply for Lucy and is constantly doting on her best friend.

While Mina is supportive of her friend, she is also very concerned with Lucy's well-being and reputation. She fears Lucy will be hurt by the men she pursues and secretly worried that one day Lucy's attitude toward men and disregard for what's considered proper might get her into trouble.

Regardless, Mina loved Lucy very much and there is little she would not do for Lucy, and she knows that the same is true for the other. They're sisters, not by blood but by bond and that means something to Mina.


Jonathan Harker Edit

Mina has grown to genuinely love Jonathan Harker, the awkward boy who came to visit the Westenras with his family every summer. Jonathan is smart and kind and gentle, things that Mina values considering their apparent scarcity in the world. Jonathan is a good, honest man, and that is something Mina really loves about him. She is thrilled to be his fiancee and often daydreams about what married life with him will be like.

Lucy isn't terribly thrilled about their impending nuptials; Lucy insists Jonathan is "the most boring man God made on this Earth", but Mina doesn't agree. She sees more in Jonathan than others; he's different than other people, like her and he's always been kind and good to her. He loves her. In the end, isn't love and loyalty all one needs?

Dr. John Seward Edit

Mina is fond of her childhood friend, who Mina has always known as Jack, and is quite proud of his accomplishments. She thinks his decision to work with the mentally ill to be noble and progressive, and honestly wishes him the best. She is well aware of Jack's feelings for Lucy and secretly wishes the two would marry. She wants what's best for her two friends, after all, and she knows they would be good for one another.

Quincey P. Morris Edit

The American cowboy has made quite an impression on Mina, despite the short time they've known each other. The rugged man has shown himself to be both polite and bold. She finds him terribly interesting and thinks him a good listener and a kind man. He showed a different side when a criminal attempted to mug Mina; Quincey snarled and beat the mugger to a pulp. The incident shook Mina a little, but she doesn't think any less of Mr. Morris. It was brave and good of him to defend her, after all. He's still a good man, though Mina did get a glimpse of something in him that she's aware very few have ever seen.

Arthur Holmwood Edit

Mina is....not fond of Arthur Holmwood. She thinks him a scoundrel who is going to break Lucy's heart and honestly wishes he would find someone else to bother and leave poor Lucy alone.

Claire Westenra Edit

Claire is Mina's foster mother and honestly, Mina loves her as much as if Claire were her own mother. Mina is very worried about Claire's health and constantly tries to help Claire out around the house, though she does so subtly as to not offend her.


Gordon Westenra Edit

Mina terribly misses her foster father. She thought him an extremely good, kind and generous man and the world is honestly less off for his loss.

Trivia Edit

  • Is an avid lover of poetry. Some of her favorite poets include Lord Byron, Elizabeth Browning, Emily Bronte and John Keats.
  • Has always had an interest in distant lands